We have set up an easy way to start making your website when working with clients. Some of the steps are teaching them how to come up with initial ideas when creating the branding for the company and our best approach is to start by providing them some websites on where to get inspirations that they can first visit before any stage of creating the corporate branding along with the website and app mockups. Some of our favorites are as follow:


Squarespace.com (Templates):

They sort and arrange some of the most popular designs along with the most successful UX layouts designed by some of the best Graphic Designers in the Industry. They have hundreds of templates to get inspired with and make sure to take notes before you start on creating your design. Like they say on the website, all of the templates are just a starting point before you even begin building your website.


Wix.com (Templates):

Similar to Squarespace they offer the same type of templates but with more detail categories for filtering by type of industry. They even have some eCommerce web design to very simple "Coming soon" landing pages templates to get inspired. Make sure to click on Preview to see the template in Desktop and mobile version. Take notes of the color and layout when selecting a template.



This inspiration website is a bit more complex to navigate so, we provided a tag filter by websites here, you can filter by most popular or latest all voted by professional designers. They also have ideas for Logo Design and mobile-friendly design ideas.

Those are the top 3 websites we suggest to new clients before we start on any work or branding before the agreements.