The future of AI-powered Machine Learning in the field of graphic design.

Today if you search for graphic design companies a list of suggestions are provided in ways they can help with website design, business cards design, brochure graphic design or logo design. All of the services above required a highly creative and multi talented team of Graphic Designers with extensive experience in multimedia, marketing, and print design. However, we now have web design tools online that might offer assistance using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and algorithms to help a non-experience designer, a novice designer or small business owner generate a website or brochure without requiring the hands-on use of a person.

Templating or theme selectors and drag-and-drop interfaces have already helped several small businesses get a website online, but the resulting websites are generated always feel like cookie-cutter lookalikes websites, and by the time the client is finished creating the site a new feature or trend comes up and automatically makes its existing site obsolete.

The reason for this most often has to do with that layouts become fairly neutered instead and different or unique. The templates also become difficult to fine tune because you get what you get and it makes it hard to customize your website.

Machine Learning short for ML or Deep learning is at still in its infancy and as more data is collected from individual users artificial intelligence and machine-learning frameworks along with SaaS technology companies are now beginning to be used it in the fields of graphic design. Agencies are now using users data to store and train Tensorflow models to create real-time applications that don't require a single design. 

Imagine that the website or app that you currently use daily automatically changes its layout based on your mood or time of the day to provide you with a custom design all in real-time. We at BRADIENT are currently testings this deep learning technology using Google's AI Clouds based API's to generate Applications that change instantly based on machine learning and detection of faces to provide custom eCommerce web applications to clients. This method improves the process of having to hire multiple graphic designers to design your web apps or corporate identity.