There is a considerable difference between technically minded Developers SEO expert vs. Consultant SEO keyword stuffing agencies here in the Los Angeles area. You will be surprised when you compare proposals with a Developer SEO expert vs. an SEO Consultant. They offer completely different services. 

Here are some eCommerce SEO secrets by developers that have a much higher understanding of SEO at an enterprise level.

When selecting an SEO agency to work on your eCommerce shopping website make sure to ask these five questions:

  • How does Schema Structure data help my products SEO?
  • What is an HSTS?
  • How can an AMP integration help boost my blog SEO?
  • What is Leverage browser caching?
  • AWS, what’s, is it and can you use it with my project?

These questions will help differentiate between a right agency vs. a lousy consultant. 

If the agency can answer all of the above without any excuses, then you found a right SEO agency. Most of these questions are more technical and targeted to real SEO experts. If you ask any of the above questions, you can filter out the lousy SEO agencies that promise to help you rank on Google.