If you are a new business or existing firm, you have been at a point where your business requires a website design due to the local competition. Maybe you might have heard from a friend or a family member that nowadays a website is a must and even more a mobile user-friendly website is a requirement. But since you're focused on running a successful business, and you also have employees who depend on the success of the company. You are left with no time to learn or gain knowledge on some of the new trends and resources that might be available to point you in the right direction.

So your first option is to Google your questions.

In this article, we want to help with some suggestions and requirements that you must know before you search such keywords as "Los Angeles web design" or "Web design Agencies near me." 

Here is are some points to consider before you reach out to any of the agencies that might show up on results. 

Let's start with how Google results are created.

When you first Googled anything. If you don't understand how the results are generated, you might have difficulties finding the right candidate. 

One thing to understand that the first 2-3 results are paid ads. Usually, these are companies trying to generate leads that do not focus on offering a service. You can spot these if you look for an "Ad" green border button next to the titles. They are often also included at the end of each results page.

The second component you might see is the local results powered by Google Maps; these sometimes are real companies and others just not actual local businesses, although you can usually distinguish between a real or fake website right after you visit the URL. 

The next results are most often more well-known websites that have a vast SEO ranking due to the number of pages but not related to the keyword you are searching for, these usually are domains like yelp.com or different type of directories and the results titles most often start with such as "Top 25 Web Design Companies in Los Angeles."

The next results are the businesses you want to reach out to. Make sure that they are located in the Los Angeles County because frequently these businesses might have an office in the area but outsource all of the work overseas to third party companies. 

A final suggestion is to pay attention to domain names such as www.webdesign-companies.com, these are usually fake businesses. Real companies should have domain names related to the company name such as www.businessname.com and make sure that their websites are secured and are using https on the domain URL.