About the Agency

We are a Full-Service Digital Design Agency located in Downtown Los Angeles. Our team is part creative and part programmer, we work closely with our clients by discovering more about their needs and ideas. Through research and analysis, we design and prototype a finer detailed and attractive web app; we consider every stage of it's planning from start to completion.

We work with visionary thinking clients and formulate strategies for future success to create beautiful and amazing things that bring positive results. Our projects are always professional and beautifully designed, we believe design is the key to a successful business, so we focus on execution and the essential little details. With our extensive experience creating successful web applications in Los Angeles for our large and small clients, we are always ready to take on any projects.

We are fluent in these programming languages

Ruby on Rails
Solidus: Rails Ecommerce Platform
Amazon Web Services AWS
Ruby on Rails

About the Founder

Gil Perez

Our founder has an extensive background of working in the Entertainment and Media Industry. He has helped develop, design and led teams in the successful launch of several high-profile celebrity apps for Ellen Degeneres, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Kevin Hart, Steve Harvey and as well as other Entertainment companies such as Warner Bros, WarnerMedia, AT&T, AOL, Whalerock Industries and Quantasy + Associates.

He has a decade of Creative Direction and Software Engineering and has been helping companies in the design and development of various custom websites and e-commerce applications with large high-volume traffic.