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Web design inspirations

Best of Web Design Inspirations and Trends

Web design inspirations can come from different resources. Some of our daily websites we reference for web design inspirations are usu... Read Post

Ai grahic designer

Graphic designing and machine learning

The future of AI-powered Machine Learning in the field of graphic design. Today if you search for graphic design companies a list of suggestions are provided in ways they can help with website design, business cards design, brochure g... Read Post

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How to deploy Solidus to AWS like a boss

At BRADIENT we use Solidus eCommerce and AWS to deploy our client's websites. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to deploy a Solidus eCommerce app... Read Post

Team help

Things to know when using Google for keywords such as "Web Design"

If you are a new business or existing firm, you have been at a point where your business requires a website design due to t... Read Post

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E-commerce web design tools you should know about before starting your online store

E-commerce continues to grow every year, as more user shop using their cell phones and mobile devices, and as the growth continues the physical retail is at a declined. The Read Post

Spotify dtla arts district

Spotify Arts District Los Angeles Office

It's official, Swedish entertainment company founded by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon after 10 years of being launched on October 7, 2008, Spotify filed to go Public on the New York Stock Exchange ... Read Post


How to design a website eCommerce for a small business

We put together a list of steps on ways, and techniques on how to design a perfect eCommerce website for small businesses. But why follow our steps? Our team at Read Post

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What is the best subscription-based eCommerce platform?

Both these search keywords would tell you Shopify or Magento but what they don't say is how to create a subscription-based eCommerce business model or which is the best online store approach when making you... Read Post

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eCommerce Consultant: Expert advice on your online strategy

The primary task of an expert eCommerce consultant is to define your personal goals, find the direction of your business and help with any strategy before the launch of your small business idea or existing business. Whether if you have an ... Read Post


Why healthcare web design services have become so popular

Year over year the Healthcare Industry has been on the rise by about +8% Y/Y according to the Mary Meeker – Internet Trends Report for 2018. Currently, the healthcare industry is goi... Read Post


Creative eCommerce Graphic Design Techniques

UI Enhancements to your eCommerce application can go a long way when you work with a professional Graphic Design Studio. White space or negative space is the spac... Read Post

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Example on how to create a Google News Sitemap – SEO best practices

The first thing to know is that a Google News sitemap is not required when requesting inclusion in the News Index for Google News. Its only suggested if the Google newsbot crawling your news site is having issues discovering your content. Howev... Read Post

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Combine Multiple Schema Structured Data Markup for WebPage and VideoObject Schema Markup Tags

Providing correct schema tags to your videos can effectively improve your SEO. The rich snippet below validates on Googles Structured Data Testing Tool. In some scenarios... Read Post

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Creating your own website ideas

We have set up an easy way to start making your website when working with clients. Some of the steps are teaching them how to come up with initial ideas when creating the branding for the company and our best approach is to start by providing t... Read Post


SEO eCommerce secrets reveal by developers

There is a considerable difference between technically minded Developers SEO expert vs. Consultant SEO keyword stuffing agencies here in the Los Angeles area. You will be surprised when you compare proposals wi... Read Post

Glossier website

eCommerce web design startups using custom open-source platforms

A list of eCommerce websites Venture Capital funded startups using custom free, open-source platforms to power their online shopping sites.   Glossier Glossier a VC funded startup founded by entrepreneur Emi... Read Post

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Websites we Love from 2018

The best website trends from 2018. Here is a list of some of our favorite trends that we have seen so far, this 2018. Most consist of minimal flat designs with bold colors and various animations.  Here are some of our top de... Read Post

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Spotify Opens new office in the Arts District

Music streaming service Spotify to open up new location At Mateo building in downtown Los Angeles Arts Distric... Read Post

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Composition of the Golden Ratio for Web Design

The rules of Composition to designers and how film and TV have adopted the concept for a stronger and more powerful vision to the viewers without them ever noticing. Here are some examples of how the Golden Ratio is applied in films a... Read Post

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Elastic Beanstalk SSL Certificate setup example (SSL/TLS)

  Setting up the Elastic Beanstalk SSL Certificate is free for all AWS users. This example will setup TLS by default and validates on Qualys SSL Test to Read Post