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Shopify SEO eCommerce Checklist (2019)

We created a Shopify SEO checklist for your eCommerce online store. The tips provided are recommendations from multiple SEO experts and SEO Specialist in the Los Angeles area. This list will focus mainly on Shopify SEO but most of the recommend... Read Post

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Best Fashion Websites of 2019

The fashion industry is always trying latest visual and technological trends, reinterpret, and then relaunch constantly in a way to the keep up with trends and better eCommerce experiences. Here is the list of our favorite eComme... Read Post

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Technical Brand Style Guides of the Top Tech Companies

What is a Technical brand style guide? Uber, Netflix, and Mailchimp, they all have one a web design style guide. A brand technical brand style guides contain specification on everything that pl... Read Post

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How to customize your email confirmations in Solidus open-source ecommerce

In this Solidus tutorial we will show you how to setup custom email confirmations. The default email templates Solidus open-source eCommerce platform provides aren't amazing according to Read Post