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Composition of the golden ratio for web design

The rules of Composition to designers and how film and TV have adopted the concept for a stronger and more powerful vision to the viewers without them ever noticing. Here are some examples of how the Golden Ratio is applied in films a... Read Post


Creative ecommerce graphic design techniques

UI Enhancements to your eCommerce application can go a long way when you work with a professional Graphic Design Studio. White space or negative space is the space between and around elements of y... Read Post

Glossier website

Ecommerce web design startups using custom open-source platforms

A list of eCommerce websites Venture Capital funded startups using custom free, open-source platforms to power their online shopping sites.   Glossier Glossier a VC funded startup founded by entrepreneur Emi... Read Post

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Example on how to create a google news sitemap – seo best practices

The first thing to know is that a Google News sitemap is not required when requesting inclusion in the News Index for Google News. Its only suggested if the Google newsbot crawling your news site is having issues discovering your content. Howev... Read Post