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Ai grahic designer

Graphic designing and machine learning

The future of AI-powered Machine Learning in the field of graphic design. Today if you search for graphic design companies a list of suggestions are provided in ways they can help with website design, business cards design, brochure g... Read Post

Solidus aws ebs

How to deploy solidus to aws like a boss

At BRADIENT we use Solidus eCommerce and AWS to deploy our client's websites. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to deploy a Solidus eCommerce app... Read Post

Website shot

Websites we love from 2018

The best website trends from 2018. Here is a list of some of our favorite trends that we have seen so far, this 2018. Most consist of minimal flat designs with bold colors and various animations.  Here are some of our top de... Read Post

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Creating your own website ideas

We have set up an easy way to start making your website when working with clients. Some of the steps are teaching them how to come up with initial ideas when creating the branding for the company and our best approach is to start by providing t... Read Post